Doing business with a few guiding principals, Biodegradable , Sustainable, Appropiate Technologies and Organics

The idea of the Earth Club Factory started in the mid 90"s . With a tourism background in hostelling , a passion for sustainability and a love of coffee and music our Denman Island property became ground 0 for the Earth Club Factory. To be honest it was really quite a slow start as our 110 year old property require substantial work. Sewage septic, roof, foundation, electrical , plumbing, a new water system... really just about everything but  20 years of chipping away at a dream payed off. 

We have built a sanctuary for hostellers, musicians , artists, and our community. Today we operate a 20 bed hostel, cafe, performance room, gallery, organic food buying club, We are passionate about growing whatever food we can so two established gardens and we have built a earthship greenhouse.

Our outdoor kitchen is a meeting area in the warmer months filled with mosaic, a beautiful cobb oven and a fire pit.. 

We have maintained a interesting product line of eclectic global giftware, a complete line of essential oils, tea and coffee products, and you can always buy solar panels and rain barrels

The arts and being creative are values we hold dear to our concept so drop by for one of our many music nights and check out the art on the wall


One of the coolest places in British Columbia.  First off the owner is just a wonderful human. Full of positive energy and you can see kindness in her eyes and smile.  Willing to experiment with food that she decides she likes.  Bold and love it.  All that being said she get people to work for her that travel from around the world. They get to work for free room and board. I wish I knew about this when I was younger.  The atmosphere is pure artisan.  You are dropping right into deep hippy culture.  They have vegan and vegetarian food.  Make time for this place.

Earth Club Factory

3806 Denman Road

Box 9

Denman Island,  B.C.  V0R 1T0

Tel: 250-335-2688 

Fax: 250-335-0839

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